by Joel Janikowski

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released January 31, 2018

A huge thanks to my wife Kayla, for not only being the co-lyricist of this album but being a tremendous supportive force to continue my passions. I would also like to give big thanks to Levi Kilzer, David E LaVergne, Josh Hohbein and Marc Manyon for being such great support and helping me form this album into one cohesive idea.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Thanks
I'll change my mind
and it will give me life
cause I know in time
that light will shine upon my eyes

A remedy
left inside of me
the truths locked inside my mind
for the words, I cannot find

It's all about the way we live our lives
with the pain we keep inside.
like a trudge through the marsh
we heal all our scars
for the day that we'll open up

We search for light
but it all takes time
sometimes it's like this never ends
but time itself allows these things to mend
Track Name: Under
Captured by a whisper
I see you standing there
You’re just another omen
For all those who care in life

I feel that you know that I'm here
Falling away, just you wait

To not fear the pending dark
Is to walk among the infinite
We can face the endless fight
we can take it all if we embrace the night
Track Name: Answers
And I found
some blessings from this ground
in the days we lost
I never found a way
a way to trust
a way to love
a way for all our pain to go away

Just give me
Better answers to this
Give me the strength to hold the weight
Better answers to this
[Here we go again]

And I've found
some comfort in the sound
of those things
those things that I have missed
but they don't show me love
and they don't give me trust
and they can't make all our pain to go away
Track Name: Moon
When the Sun Begins to fade
we reach out to the moon
to feel our shadows weight
to understand its truth

It’s all a point of view
that/how we sell to ourselves
Its formed by what we do
And not how they felt

Just a shimmer within the dark
I see you breaking free
The light of our spark
Reaching out for me
Track Name: Between
Someday, you'll know that you'll be fine
Just never let them hold their light
upon the stone that never shines
that never made you whole in time
or finds another way to make
to make this all a better place
you gotta let it go
if they don't let you know

Oh it's nice to play pretend
until you get us to the end
let's just focus on the now
Yes, but I've spent time inside that place
and I know there's a better way
you can't solve what you don't face
if you don't fight it, you will stay

[and] I've been over waiting for you now [waiting for you]
this heart's been fading since the light burned out [waiting for you]
give me peace on earth and let me know
we'll find another way to go
cause I've been over waiting for you now (now)

(give me peace)
(give me light)
(give me all the love I'll find)
Track Name: Elephants
Time a true illusion
the keeper of all things
filled with these deceptions
but hope it brings

My heart became an anchor
when I decided to savor

All those little memories
and pieces in these halls
My mind began to bend
and my thoughts would stall

But how can I save you
from what it is that made you

This place we are
This place we are
I'll hold your heart
Close to the stars

My mind, in its delusion
goes deeper with each step
my fists were shaking
as I try to hold my breath

And you continue to favor
this thoughtless life as they labor

For all those little memories
and pieces in these halls
were made for us
in a life we never saw

But we can fight for a new view
with better actions, we can choose
Track Name: Begin
One step, forward
To leave it all behind
To see my world rewind

Tied up, restless
I feel the knots in my chest
are breaking all the folds in time

But in a way we could
feel a little sober now
from the pain we stood
It's all been wrapped somehow
[Where are you now]

Perception I find
A catalyst in the mind
Dissolving thoughts that can leave you blind

This world I choose
a new life a new use
A new way to make it through
Track Name: Sun
I found a way
a way to change your heart, your mind, your...
Faded Sun

I found a way to make things change
we've made mistakes but kept the blame
as we both face

The faded sun
Can you look away
from the faded sun

I found a note, it told me where to go
but I don't know if it leads back home
So I will stay and make a place
to make my own and call it home

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