Unseen Visions

by Joel Janikowski

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With a broad spectrum of emotions, Joel Janikowski's freshman album talks about the highs and lows of life, love, fear, change and courage.


released August 27, 2007

Kayla Kilzer - Lyrics on Tracks 2 and 9
George Little Creek - Drums on Tracks: 2, 6, 15 & 16
Luke Janikowski - Bass on Track 6
Members of the SHS Class of 2007 - Submitting lyrics for Track 5


all rights reserved


Track Name: Rise Up
Its 1 o'clock in then mourning,
and I cant seem to find, a way out
I know that its hard to,
stand out the crowd
Then I remembered that one day

Well I remember a young man
He said he was lost, lost in his dream land
so i took him by my side
and every single night
i tried to tell him
You got to...

Rise up make a difference
change your life try to be different
Time to change the world
Its its up to us now
We're gonna change it some how
I still remember that one day

A few weeks ago
he came up to me and said
thanks for all the things you've done
You've given me all these things that
I thought I'd never have
all of this because
You showed me how to...

But I remember that one day
When I saw you're face
When i looked into those eyes
All I saw was agony

All I saw was your tears
all you pain
and all your fears
I ask please
please take my hand
we'll find the light in your life

Every single time that you keep falling down
you look around and theres no one else to
heal your heart and help your mind
so please don't worry
you're not alone
please so save me

I know I going home.
Track Name: Deception
soft and tender touch
warm and loving stare
he looks into her eyes
but there is nothing there

kiss upon her lips
her heart begins to quicken
she's filled with warmth
her body now stricken

he tries to read her soul
all once there has died
now filled with darkness
to which she can't abide
now just a memory
that's slowly fading
it begins to disappear
but she's still waiting

she should have known
it was said all along
their love never ending
it was all so wrong

it's forever gone
a thing of the past
she wanted it forever
she knew it wouldn't last

Lyrics by: Kayla Kilzer
Track Name: Strength, Time and Hope
As she walks on a broken path
waiting for her time to pass
through all the fires burning and all the people dying
she can barely breath.

So give her strength
give her time
give her hope
to stay alive

where did the little girl go
killed from the pain and silence
you must know how that feels
Track Name: Cold Sober
I cry, Inside, because time toys with us
I worry, about your heart,how its holding up when we're apart

How can you tame the beast inside of me
How can you calm down into a sleep
i can still feel your presence, yes its true because i love you

Without you my life would be crumbling down
into a non existance to where i couldnt be found
do you know exactly
how perfect you are and how
lucky I am for you to be with me

I miss singing to you at night
waking up at 5 in the morning just to go outside
if i cant wake up inside my mind
I trust that you'll be there rigth by my side
Track Name: Goodbye for Now (Ft. Katrina Johnson)
No distance of place or lapse of time
Can change the friendship of yours or of mine
May the sunshine brightly on your window pane
May there always be a rainbow After the rain

Goodbyes are not forever
Goodbyes are not the end
They simply mean I'll miss you until we meet again
For now...

May you always have work for your hands to do
May your pockets always hold a coin or two
May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind be at your back with whatever you do
Track Name: Coffee With the Devil
The devil the angel of darkness
sitting at my coffee table
talkin bout life
views and opinions wrapped around my head
the little things the devil said he had
Oh God ill need some help tonight

Are you strong and able
to sit down with the devil
and believe all his lies
what would you do
if god was sittin right next to you
and you saw him cry

The angel of darkness visited me last night
oh what a fright
in the rear view mirror a silloette
a silhouette I never met
Oh God I'll need some help tonight
Track Name: Welcome
Welcome to this world
Welcome to your opportunity
Welcome to this world
Please dont forget me

As i look into her eyes
I see a story
A story of a girl
Some thing that is so perfect
but yet so unexplainable
its the most butiful thing in the world

Sleep now child forever true
This is a lulaby from me to you

Can she see
see me
watching over her
catching her as she falls
gently down to earth
does she know
how much i care
I said welcome to this world
now dont be scared

As they take her home she sleeps so quietly
so blissfully so peacfully
Track Name: Take a Deep Breath (Ft. Mat Charley)
I wipe the tears away as you cry
as something inside of you has died
I know well have our ups and downs,
but I wanna keep what ive found out about you
cause i know you care when I look at you

Don't runaway from your heart and who you are
its easyier if I'd carry you to the stars
dont go changing on me
I love who you are and who you choose to be

I know we fall down sometimes but we get right back up
and i know its hard to believe that everything turned out how it was supposed to be
I cry when ur far from me
it feels like an eternity

Just hold my hand
and take a deep breath
and well jump into
the great abyss
I know well be fine
when ur right by my side
and ill hold you close
Track Name: Emotion Dark
Are you there
listening to my cries
These sorrowful tears
meaningless as life
but in its self, necessary

Why go on
There's no joy in this weary heart
There's no peace to be sought
Let me go free
into the great abyss

where I will no longer be troubled
where I will no longer worry
no longer care

where I can finally accept my fate,
accept the comfort of death
Track Name: A Childs Nightmare
I'm so tired
I can't sleep
Cause I have to stay awake
So I won't die

I can't believe what I see
God I hope its all a dream
please don't let me die

What was that sound
Coming from all around
I think (swear) its gonna kill me

As I hear the foot steps on the floor
The Lights turn on an off some more
God I hope I don't die
This is a child's worst nightmare
God I really think I'm Scared

The shear terror in my lonely heart
The adrenaline rush!
Track Name: Trapped
And I know that i hate this world all dark and consuming.
Track Name: Water
Can you feel the rain pouring down
Even though your life have been completely upside down.
I've seen your life plummeting by leaps and bounds
You keep on fighting as they bring your knees to the ground

Fight or your life give it the best youve got
cause when no ones around your remember the feelings you forgot
Here it comes i see it pouring down
Its hard to live your life when you're barely above the water

I've seen your many struggles Ive seen your few triumphs
it seems like trying to deny us
its true i know its hard to be the one
above everything above anything above anyone
Track Name: Handle With Care
You've overkilled this machine
its now dead and gone
it grows old and tired
of the same sad song
It waits for a new day
however long
it cries when it hears
its now gone
so we handle it with care

Hello welcome to my inner self
this is where I reside
its not a palace
its just were I want to hide
maybe Im not who I am yet
maybe Im ok with that
I'll just wait until
my life
comes back
to me

Maybe, just maybe
lifes to much for me
maybe reason and thought
are too much for this human being
Maybe its them maybe they're wrong
maybe Ive been ok all along
but there was something in my past
so strong it will forever last
Track Name: If It Were Me
So many questions wrapping around my head
could I be her man
is she really holding my hand
or is this another dream
i thought i had

if it were me I would promise i would never leave
and hold you in my arms
if it were me I would promise i would never leave
and hold you in my arms

the make beleive is real
i cant believe how i feel about this girl
i hope nothing goes wrong
i dont wanna lose what i wanted all along
Track Name: Heaven Sent (Ft. True Soul Brothaz)
You'll never feel alone
You'll never feel lost
In my loving Arms

A couple years ago
I could have swore she was a heaven sent
thats why I tried to make my heart be a residence
because I had feelings for her
Trying to make it evident
wanted to be more than friends
but more like a medicine
someone she can depend upon
Stand tall and defender
For love and I know
i would have fought like a veteran
Now she ain't got class but she sure is intelligent
Her face is the reason she could have been my embezzlement

The reason why I call her heaven sent
Because her beauty is remarkable and she got elegance
And to the point it would be a waste to find another comparison
Now Im not trying to be rude and Im far from being arrogant
Its just thats how I feel in my heart and she's a heaven sent

(she came form heaven)

You that we will be strong
You that we will belong

(Keep holding on, just keep keeping strong)
Track Name: A Compilation of Complications (Ft. Luke Janski)
I'm feeling like I'm falling away
from this life I used to know
It weighed my down when they said
its been too long

So its finally time for me to say.

What If I found the complications out
The simplest things life are what I rely on
But you'll never find a better ending story than mine,
(but i don't know)

So Im looking at my past
I realize and start to laugh
that yesterday didn't mean a thing
What would I say
to myself a year ago today

Just worry about your own happiness
so you can fly away

Its been so long
since I've know my truth
thats why I say so long
to the complications of my day

And I'm involved to just take it how I live it all
and to break away from fear
And I don't think I'm gonna mind too much so
And I'm gonna take all these things in my life
and break em all into one
and we could be like this tonight
So take it dont fake it
just make it
and I figured it out so
Track Name: Strength Time and Hope (Ft. Two Step Suzy)
As she walks on a broken path
waiting for her time to pass
through all the fires burning and all the people dying
she can barely breath.

So give her strength
give her time
give her hope
to stay alive

where did the little girl go
killed from the pain and silence
you must know how that feels

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